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Static QFileDevice:Permissions QFile:permissions(const QString fileName ) This is an overloaded function.
See also endGroup and group.
EndGroup QStringList keys lKeys / keys: "ape" Note that the Windows registry and INI files use case-insensitive keys, whereas the CFPreferences API on macOS and iOS uses case-sensitive keys.
For QSettings:IniFormat, it uses advisory file locking and a smart merging algorithm to ensure data integrity.
Basic Usage When creating a QSettings object, you must pass the name of your kartenspiel 6 nimmt spielregeln company or organization as well as the name of your application.DBus as the IPC mechanism, since it requires little code to integrate it with Qt applications and has already proved to work for slot online free play games australia other input method systems (.The default SystemScope paths on Unix, macOS, and iOS etc/xdg) can be overridden when building the Qt library using the configure script's -sysconfdir flag (see QLibraryInfo for details).Example: QSettings settings; tValue fridge/color QColor (Qt:white ipad casino app real money tValue fridge/size QSize (32, 96 tValue sofa true tValue tv false QStringList groups ildGroups / groups: "fridge" If a group is set using beginGroup the first-level keys in that group are returned, without the group prefix.

QFile also inherits getChar putChar and ungetChar which work one character at a time.
If the file format is IniFormat, the following files are used on Unix, macOS, and iOS: home/.config/MySoft/Star i (Qt for Embedded Linux: home/Settings/MySoft/Star i) home/.config/i (Qt for Embedded Linux: home/Settings/i) for each directory dir in XDG_config_dirs: dir /MySoft/Star i for each directory dir in XDG_config_dirs.
File names hard-coded into the application should only use 7-bit ascii filename characters.
Platform Limitations While QSettings attempts to smooth over the differences between the different supported platforms, there are still a few differences that you should be aware of when porting your application: The Windows system registry has the following limitations: A subkey may not exceed 255.
Data is usually read and written using QDataStream or QTextStream, but you can also call the qiodevice -inherited functions read readLine readAll write.Sets the permissions for fileName file to permissions.QSettings can safely be used from different processes (which can be different instances of your application running at the same time or different applications altogether) to read and write to the same system locations, provided certain conditions are met.See also permissions and setFileName.Example: ginGroup alpha / oup "alpha" ginGroup beta / oup "alpha/beta" settings.Void QSettings:remove(const QString key ) Removes the setting key and any sub-settings of key.

This function was introduced in.1.